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To paraphrase Milton Friedman, one of the major arguments against freedom is that it gives the people precisely what they want, instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against freedom is a lack of belief in freedom itself. This is the current state of American politics. Neither party trusts the American people enough to make their own decisions. Neither party respects or adheres to the Constitution, the supposed supreme law of the land. To sum it up, neither party really believes in freedom. The mission of the Unallowable Opinion podcast is to promote the ideas of Liberty for all, instead of liberties for some, granted by a certain partisan ideology. Our purpose is to demonstrate how a philosophy of Liberty benefits the individual and the nation as a whole. We aim to expose the fallacy that government intervention will solve all of our problems and instead show how libertarian principles can be the solution to the issues we face. Now is the time for Liberty lovers to act. The government is bigger and more powerful than it has ever been and the loss of Liberty is astounding. The American citizenry is becoming more and more disillusioned with the two party system, and they are looking for an alternative to the same big government policies of both parties. The alternative is Liberty, and it is our duty to show them why.
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Jan 31, 2016

Was Lavoy Finicum going for his gun? Was he shot in self-defense? Who cares??? Caleb Huff and Stockton Raso break down the big piece of the puzzle that they do not want you focusing on.

  • almost two years ago
    I saw your letter written to KrisAnne Hall. You are both wonderful We need young people to spread the Liberty to those who don't understand it. I am 72 years old and the Constitution was taught when I was in school. Also on the Lavoy Finicum situation, I am heart broken for Lavoy and his family, but proud of him for standing up for all of us. I hope a seed has been planted and will grow to open many hearts and minds about our out of control Government.
  • almost two years ago
    The Lady Federalist
    I wish to thank you both for stepping up to the plate in the fight for Liberty! KrisAnne Hall posted your email to her on her Facebook page, which is how I found y'all. Please keep up the good work, and I will be sure to post links to your podcasts on all my social media sites...
    May Liberty Prevail!
    Yours in Liberty,
    Char Sines
    The Lady Federalist
  • almost two years ago
    I do not desire to in any way to imply that LaVoy's MURDER is a RACIST event. I do have to point out that When they talk this White Privilege crap they need to look close at what is going on. What kind of damned privilege is it for the feds to be able to murder a unarmed White man just for standing up for our rights and the Constitution and bill of rights, When our BLACK President tells a bunch of blacks that are looting and burning down a City to stay on course and every damned one of the black criminals walked away free. The truth is only Black criminals Illegals and muslims all criminals have any Privileges in this nation. I have to tell it like it is Obama and his cronies want to see all Whites end up like LaVoy. They hate the Whites and hate the Constitution and bill of rights even more. To Make matters worse the rest of our spineless elected officials are to damned sorry to charge him and his cronies with treason . My guess is that the NSA under Obama has gathered enough proof that most of the elected officials also are guilty of treason or other high crimes. Any elected official that breaks their oath of office should be taken out and hanged to death the very moment they make even one Unconstitutional vote or in anyway break their oath of office.
    Well I have had my say in the matter.
  • almost two years ago
    William Riddell
    This was a COLD BLOODED murder!!!! The government CANNOT own more than 10 square miles of land and it's DC! READ THE CONSTITUTION. After we became a country, as the country expanded the government controlled it, but when a state was formed the land became the property of the state. From that point the state sold the land to the people. Then it BELONGED to the people who bought it. The BLM isn't even a part of our country, it's a cooperation in England-A BUSINESS!!!! Every police agency involved in this mess needs to be held accountable.
  • almost two years ago
    Richard Raymond
    Good analysis! Thanks!
  • almost two years ago
    I stand with LaVoy, the Bundy's, the Hammonds and all Ranchers that the BLM is grabbers!
  • almost two years ago
    If you look carefully and slow the video, you can see the muzzle flash from the officer facing him before he ever lowers his hands.
  • almost two years ago
    First time listener.